Reviews for The Survivors

"This project is beyond hilarious, entertaining, and everything I have expected from such a talented filmmaker."


"...this is one of the best independent projects I have seen in 2016...4/4 Stars."


Tim Gross - Gross Movie Reviews

" and funny satire of horror icons above and beyond."


"The Survivors is creative, and pays great homage to horror tropes and cliches."


Felix Vasquez Jr. - Cinema Crazed

"It is horror fun plain and simple and the kind of film horror fans have been asking studios for."


"It offered up some solid laughs, brings parodies of killers we have watched for years, and give us more of our Silver Spotlight favorites."


"The Survivors is an outrageous slasher parody. The film was well written and full of laughs. Do yourself a favor and check this one out!"


Mac Brewer, Horror Society

"...this movie is concept-driven; it has good ideas, unique perspectives, and new potential surfacing in every scene."


"...there is some satisfaction to be had in seeing a long overdue riff on the mostly dismissed Urban Legend."


"To fans of Rudzinski’s back’s a must-see."


Nick Weaver, Cinema Stench