Reviews for Red Christmas

"...rather fun due to a likable lead and a wicked sense of gallows humor."


"Wrenn gives off a sort of plucky girl next door/lovable/Mindy Kaling vibe that makes her rather likable, even when she is slicing and dicing her victims."


" It’s still torture porn, mind you, but it approaches the material in a new way, so it feels a lot fresher..."


AmbushBug, Ain't It Cool News

"3/4 Stars."


"...a new independent holiday horror for all to have under their Christmas trees for years to come..."


"...interesting and unsettling..."


Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews

"...brutal as all hell."


"There’s some deep stuff popping up here and there with her, but the majority of the film delivers what you came here for: humor, puns, and bloody mayhem."


"...the angle it takes by developing intimacy with such a terrible criminal (as corny as she sometimes can be in this instance) draws the viewer in with more pull than it would have from the victim’s point-of-view."


Nick Weaver, Cinema Stench

"Poor Bill suffers a lot of physical and mental torture and both are sometimes hard to watch."


"...genuinely chilling..."


Mark James Bullock, Hacked in the Head Reviews

"The story is dark but witty in a refreshing unexpected way..."


"Aime Wrens' portrayal of the twisted and emotionally scarred Tara is just fantastic!


"...a great add to any film collection!"


Heather Noel, The Horror Nation