"CarousHELL’ is absurd, absolutely unrealistic, completely ridiculous, and I LOVE IT!!!"


"This film is easily one of the best features I have watched this year and will be on my “Best of 2016” list."


"4/4 stars."


Tim Gross - Gross Movie Reviews

"With CarousHELL, Rudzinkski has given the horror community another horror comedy hit."


"...offers up some sharp laughs and the kills we don’t see anymore with indie slashers."


"CarousHELL is exactly what the horror community needs. It has laughs, blood, unicorn sex, and one hell of a cast. If you ever have the chance to check this film out then do it! 4/5."


Mac Brewer - Horror Society

"Steve Rudzinski offers up a slasher movie you’ve never seen before."


"...excels on every single plot point being so inexplicable, and makes up for it by delivering some great laughs and genuinely odd moments of gore and horror."


"'CarousHELL' is a fun and funny horror comedy that thrives on originality and creates a genuinely unique slasher villain with a shockingly diverse array of murder weapons at his disposal."


Felix Vasquez Jr. - Cinema Crazed

"If John Waters’ films are campy, this is downright rustic."


" The script by Rudzinski and co-writer Aleen Isley is broad, surreal and ludicrously silly."


"I haven’t laughed out loud this much in a single movie all year."


Norman Gidney - Horror Buzz

"The gore, however, is another story. Some of it is kinda (purposefully) cheesy, but man, there is a lot of it, and most of it look incredible for its budget."


"I actually had to pause the film to laugh, as not to miss anything."


"...there was more than once I stop to rewind just a bit to either see or hear a bit again because it was (a) WTF, (b) so beautifully done, (c) to laugh, or (d) any combination."


Robert Barry Francos - Indie Horror Films

"The practical effects behind the onscreen kills are so well done that the movie earns every blood-soaked closeup."


"Few forays into the hack-and-slash game would attempt to pull off a plot this nutty, simply because it’s so ambitious. CarousHELL fully embraces, if not revels in its absurdity..."


"Rudzinski has been known for the offbeat flavor of his films, but CarousHELL turns it up to 11. It lovingly lampoons the very films it pays tribute to, clearly determined to be its own thing, and in doing so, comes through as a hilarious and off-the-rails ride."


Kalem Klub - Horror News