"Pure Absurdist Horror/Comedy Fun."


"... the kills get more and more absurd, each eliciting audible gasps from anyone watching. At least one resulted in a full-blown exclamation of “Holy Christ!”...The dialogue is top-notch, as well."


"The joy in CarousHELL is the simple glee with which the murderous wooden creature dispatches people around the park and town...the creature uses a machete, throwing stars, and piano wire, amongst other methods, all the while quipping like the slasher icon he so dearly deserves to be."


Nicholas J. Spacek - We Are Indie Horror

"The film is goofy, gory, and over the top."


"From hooves kicking heads in to the carousel horse humping a girl horsey-style, this will offend the uptight and entertain those who love broad comedy."


"It’s a fantastic low budgeter with a hell of a sense of humor and damn impressive effects."


Mark Miller/Ambush Bug, Ain't It Cool News