"Pure Absurdist Horror/Comedy Fun."


"... the kills get more and more absurd, each eliciting audible gasps from anyone watching. At least one resulted in a full-blown exclamation of “Holy Christ!”...The dialogue is top-notch, as well."


"The joy in CarousHELL is the simple glee with which the murderous wooden creature dispatches people around the park and town...the creature uses a machete, throwing stars, and piano wire, amongst other methods, all the while quipping like the slasher icon he so dearly deserves to be."


Nicholas J. Spacek - We Are Indie Horror

"The film is goofy, gory, and over the top."


"From hooves kicking heads in to the carousel horse humping a girl horsey-style, this will offend the uptight and entertain those who love broad comedy."


"It’s a fantastic low budgeter with a hell of a sense of humor and damn impressive effects."


Mark Miller/Ambush Bug, Ain't It Cool News

"CarousHELL is an indie horror masterpiece."


"This one is pure fun from the jump and never relents, ramping up the ridiculous and over the top madness as it goes."


"Blood, 7/10. Dialogue, 8/10. Overall Insanity, 10/10."


- Marc Fusion

"“CarousHELL” has catchy dialogue, witty enough banter, and gratuitous and non-gratuitous nudity."


"Just like “JAWS” did with ocean, “CarousHELL” will cause hesitation when deliberating if riding a unicorn will endanger your mortality."


"... fun, campy, and a whole bunch of nonsense that has our full 100% support in the horror community."


The Evil Blogger