"Nothing prepared me for CarousHELL."


"This movie has some of the best executed, most creative kills I have seen in a very long time."


"If you’re looking for something new. Something different. Something with the weirdest sex scene you will see in your entire life then I must insist you watch this movie."


Douglas Waltz - Divine Exploitation

"Caroushell is also to my knowledge the only film to feature a interspecies unicorn/human sex scene which is bizarre, funny as hell and oddly sexy."


"Caroushell hits all the right marks by being ridiculously gory, frequently funny and batshit crazy."


"Score: 9.5 out of 10."


Charlie Michael Cargile

"Duke the unicorn is one badass uni and he’s determined to unleash his anger on everyone in his path regardless of whether they deserve it or not."


"Whoever was in charge for make-up and practical effects deserves to take a bow right now."


"An amusing, bloodsoaked, sugary massacre..."


Cult Horror Films

"...a funny, dark, and witty film that will leave you have you laughing hysterically for the duration of its running time."


"In slasher slasher films, kills and effects can make or break a film, and CarousHELL delivers when it comes to the gruesome delights."


"CarousHELL is hands down one of my favorite horror films of 2016 and I implore all lovers of dark comedy to add it to their to-watch list."


Lucas Wagner - That's Not Current

"...a ridiculous and absurd good time."


"...the effects put forth by the film crew on CarousHELL are impressive and a ton of fun to watch."


"It’s entertaining, funny as hell, and even has a unicorn/girl sex scene for the Beauty and the Beast loving crowd."


Jason McFiggins - Morbidly Beautiful